wip June 2018

I’ve always loved technology, design, and games. Inspired by Jurassic Park, I was the 3 year old in the computer lab showing off dinosaur drawings in Kid Pix. I’m a self-directed learner who didn’t do well in school but found a way to explore what interested me online.

I picked up Adobe Creative Suite as a teenager to mod Halo PC and build websites. I did freelance branding, web design, and presentation design for early stage startups and venture capitalists in high school. I tried and failed to launch a couple startups.

I moved to Los Angeles initially to pursue visual effects at Gnomon and learn the tools and language in the hopes of running my own inter-disciplinary studio.
I finally learned how to craft and lead teams at Riot Games, where I worked on a broad range of projects to help scale the company while maintaining the culture that makes it special.

I gravitate towards passionate people who roll up their sleeves and get shit done. I have a personal and professional “no-assholes” rule. Accountability and action is key.

Outside of work I’ve always thrown myself into fun projects with friends. They’ve led to a board game, travel guides, two podcasts, home accessories, a VR “game”, and more.

I care about doing right by people and having a positive impact with whatever I do.