Hi there!

My name is Jack Bogdan and I make things. By day I lead teams to solve cool problems as a Product Manager at Riot Games. At night my girlfriend Brooklyn and I design simple and functional objects to express ourselves like Prop/Art. I co-created a f**ked up party game called A TERRIBLE TIME: The Party Game Where Everyone Loses with Rob Hebert after a drunken board game pot luck. I published a travel guide / pocket notebook called Fuck It Seoul with Matthew Manarino. Once upon a time I co-hosted a weekly video show, and a monthly game design improv podcast with Alex Griendling.

I love dinosaurs.

We’re off on an Australian adventure! We’ll be road tripping all over Tasmania and pit stopping in Melbourne & Sydney. If you’ll be around, give a shout! pic.twitter.com/gZU74F5NTO

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